Forest Service Cabins

& Overnight Camping


We have over 150 recreational cabins maintained by the U.S. Forest Service here in Southeast Alaska. These cabins contain wood stoves and are stocked with plenty of split dry wood. These cabins vary in size and will comfortably sleep 4 to 6 people, and occasionally have additional room for tents. Cabins are located around many of the most scenic areas, including the Misty Fjords.


Individual Cabin locations and rental information can be found here:

U.S. Forest Service Cabin Rentals

USFS Cabin, Jordan Lake

Southeast Alaska Forest Service Cabin

Need marine transport to and from your favorite camp locations? We've got you covered. Our 36ft. vessel is licensed to cary up to 14 passengers with camp gear and up to 8+ sea kayaks.

Our Transportation Services include:

  • Misty Fjords Camp/Kayaking transport

  • USFS Cabins for lake and river fishing

  • Hunting Transport

  • Remote supply dropoffs

  • Wilderness transport logistics

Southeast Alaska Forest Service Cabin

USFS Cabin, Kegan Cove