Salmon Fishing Charter in Ketchikan, Alaska

There are five kinds of Salmon and we recommend these months on when to fish for them.

Catching a King Salmon
  • Early June-July: Chinook/King Salmon are the largest species found in early June through July
  • Late June-Early August: Pink Salmon/Humpie are most plentiful in late June through early August
  • August: Chum Salmon available throughout the month of August
  • August-September: Coho/Silver Salmon found in August through September
  • Early Summer: Sockeye Salmon are usually not a hook and line fish, but found in early summer

You can access the regulations for Salmon fishing through the Alaska Department of Fish and Game.

  • We will meet you at your ship when it arrives and depart from an adjacent dock. There are no bus rides or transfers to reach the fishing vessel.
  • Complementary smoked salmon treats, homemade cookies, fruit/vegetable tray, snacks, and hot/cold drinks are provided while onboard. All bait/tackle is provided for your trip. You will fish in calm protected waters with no ocean swells. We are US Coast Guard inspected and insured; we have over 30 years of local experience.
  • Enjoy your world class fishing adventure aboard the M/V Experience One in the comfort of a custom designed and built 36’ vessel with seating for 10 people inside the spacious heated cabin, 12’ fishing deck, and a bathroom for your comfort and convenience.
  • In the event you have a group of more than 6 guests and desire to enjoy your Alaskan experience together on the same boat, we are proud to offer you a private charter on the only vessel in Ketchikan, Alaska that is US Coast Guard inspected and certified to carry more than the standard 6-person charter.
Salmon Fishing Chart Calendar
Hand chart showing the 5 types of species for Salmon