Guided Charter Fishing in Ketchikan Alaska

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What type of wildlife might I see on my charter?

  • It is common to see the American Eagle flying about in May and June. In July and August will see them closer to the rivers where the salmon are returning.

  • Other wildlife that may see are otters, seals, deer, humpback and orca whales.


When is the best time to go on a charter?

  • If planning on king fishing then the late June/July season, Silver/coho August-Sept. Humpies are found in July and August.

  • Halibut is available May thru Sept.


What is included with my charter?

  • We meet you at your ship , no bus transfers. Included is all bait and tackle, a snack tray of fruits, vegetables, salmon dip, cheese and crackers, and homemade cookies.


What should I wear or bring on my charter?

  • We tell everyone coming on an Alaskan adventure to bring a waterproof jacket. You will see rain somewhere, remember you are traveling thru a temperate rainforest area. No boots are needed. We suggest layering. Temperatures range from 50-80 during our summer months. Sunscreen is suggested.


Do I need a fishing license on my charter?

  • Guests 16 and over are required to have a fishing license, even for crabbing. Cost varies according to amount of days. 1-day $15, 3day- $30 7-day $45. Licenses can be purchased from the Alaska and Fish and game store on line or on the boat at time of fishing.


Do I need a king salmon stamp on my charter?

  • If you plan to fish and keep a king then you must have a king salmon stamp in your possession before fishing. Cost is 1day-$15  3day $30 7day $45.


Will I have time to see the town before or after my charter?

  • If coming on a cruise ship , usually in town about 6-8 hours. We do half day charters for approximately 5 hours. We try to give you actual fishing time of 4 hours dependent on your time in our city. You usually can walk about and see the town before returning to your cruise ship.


May I bring children on my charter?

  • We welcome families of all generations. No age limit. We will teach you how to Bait if wish, reel in your fish and help you take pictures of your catch. We also will take your catch to the processor and arrange for processing shipping to your home state when you are home by Fed Ex.